of Fomos-Materials statement

Fomos-Materials has a long history, rich in scientific researches and technological developments. Our history begins from the idea of development and production launch of a domestic material, competitive with the foreign analogues (and even surpass them) on an equal basis. Thanks to knowledge and professionalism of founding developers it was possible to obtain a material of such quality as Japanese technologists do not have at similar expenditures.


1983 – the first Langasite crystal was grown and its properties were studied; 

1984-1986 - Langasite based selection and frequency stabilization devices were developed;

1994 – Founding of Fomos-Technology company;

1995 - American Patent for the monolithic Langasite filter was obtained;

1998 - developing of three-inch Langasite crystal growth technology;

2001 – registration of Fomos-Materials company;

2002 - production facilities were laid in Moscow;

2003 - four-inch Langasite crystal was grown; 

2004 - the first Langatate crystal was grown;

2005 - work on high-temperature application of Langasite and Langatate;

2007 - development of sensitive elements manufacturing technology for pressure pulsation detectors in the ICE combustor chamber;

2008 - development of the technology for laser processing of crystal elements;

2009 - development of the technology for doping of Langatate for acousto-electronic products;

2010 - development of sensitive elements for temperature sensors;

2012 - development of the technology for manufacturing of wafers of Lithium Tantalate;

2013 – development of the technology and organization of the pilot production of 40Ca and 100Mo isotope-enriched Calcium Molybdate and scintillation elements for new generation elementary particles detector;

2014 – the company has passed certification for compliance with the requirements ofISO:9001;

2015 - Lithium Niobate crystal growth technology was restored;

2016 – extension of manufacturing capacity, including doubling a park of growing units;

2017 – technology for growing crystals of Gallium-gadolinium-aluminium garnet, doped with cerium ions was developed;

2018 – the company confirmed compliancewith the requirements ofISO:9001;

2019 - work on optical application of Langasite