New growth technology

piezoelectric and scintillation materials

FOMOS participates in projects

The international cooperation of the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea and Fomos-Materials led to scientific discoveries in the AMORE experiment
The AMoRE (Advanced Mo-based Rare Process Experiment) experiment uses a 40Ca100MoO4 crystal as a cryogenic scintillator to study the neutrinoless double beta decay of the 100Mo isotope


The company's staff consists of highly qualified scientists, engineers and managers who are successfully engaged in researching, manufacturing and marketing new piezoelectric materials: langasite-lantangallic silicate (LHS) and lanthanate-lantangallic tantalate (LHT).

We offer a wide range of products of piezo-technology - crystal elements, blanks, polished plates, etc., both according to own specifications, and according to the customer's specifications.


Innovative materials open new horizons for humanity and expand traditional technologies, helping us to revise and sometimes multiply their effectiveness. Here are just a few areas affected by our product: