BAW elements

Piezoelectric elements for BAW application

The volume of information flows is growing at an exponential rate. Social sphere, interaction of citizens and public authorities, IoT, computer-based education,factories of the future, all this requiresthe transfer of a huge amount of information. This case demands expanding of the transfer channels and increasing the frequencies of the signals,which forces manufacturers to relay acousto-electronic products from traditionally used SAWcomponents to more “powerful” Bulk Acoustic Waves (BAW) applications. Besides increasing the frequency, there is the temperature increase, which turns acousto-electronics manufacturers to other materials. Fomos-Materials produces piezoelectric elements of Catangasite, Langasite, Lithium Tantalate, Lithium Niobate and Langatate for BAW applications.  Separately we would like todraw your attention tothe high-temperature microbalance sensors for low temperatures (200°С) made of Langasite, middle temperatures (400°С) of Langatate and over 500°С- of Catangasite.

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