A study of CaMo04 crystals for the AMoRE Experiment


The resent observations of neutrino oscillations are conclusive evidence that the neutrino has a non-zero mass, and provides motivation for neutrinoless double beta decay (Ov DBD) searches. Searches for Ov DBD are challenging experimental approaches aimed at establishing the neutrino's nature (Dirac or Majorana) and absolute mass scale


he characteristics of CaMo04 scintillation crystals (especially 40Ca100MoO4 crystal) have been studied to evaluate their applicability for a looMo 0 v DBD search by the AMoRE collaboration. Isotopically enriched material is a powerful choice not only for 0v DBD experiment but also any type of rare decay searches in particle physics. The 48Ca-depleted, looMo-enriched 40Ca100MoO4 scintillation crystal is a promising detector with low background (from 2 v DBD of 48Ca) and containing a large effective mass of looMo. However, further studies are needed, such as improve the scintillation properties (SB series CMO crystal), reduce the internal background (S series CMO crystal), and small difference of alb ratio between enriched CMO crystal and natural CMO crystal.

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