Gadolinium-aluminium-gallium garnet co-doped with cerium (GAGG(Ce))

Scintillation crystal gadolinium-aluminium-gallium garnet activated with cerium ions

Gadolinium-aluminium-gallium garnet co-doped with cerium - belongs to the class of scintillators, i.e the substances, capable of emitting light when ionization radiation absorption. Chemical formula: - Gd3Ga3Al2O12:Ce. Method for the production - the Czochralski method. Scintillators are used in those areas of science which investigate radiation energy spectrums. The use of scintillators in the engineering can be divided into three directions, the first is nuclear medicine: positron-emission tomography, X-ray and computer tomography, the second direction is - screening systems: personal security screeners, stationary and mobile cargo screeners, luggage and hand-luggage screeners, and the third application is rather narrow, but promising - creation of LED white light. GAGG(Ce) crystals, grown by Fomos-Materials have high values of Light output and energy resolution, fast scintillation kinetics and short luminescence time, the absence of hygroscopic property simplifies the transportation and storage of this material.

Characteristic Value Measurement units
1 Density 6.63 g/cm3
2 Zeff 51 -
3 Absorption coefficient (511 keV) 0.12 cm-1
4 Maximum luminescence 520 nm
5 Light output 38000 (RT)/46000(-45°C) photon/ MeV
6 Luminescence kinetics 30(25%), 80(60%), 100-200(15%) ns
7 Energy resolution 8% (511 keV), 4% (1270 keV) %
7 Time resolution (CTR) less than 170 (-20°C to 20°C) ps
9 Hygroscopic property N/A -
10 Mohs hardness 7.5-8 -
11 Cleavage plane N/A  
12 Thermal-expansion 8.2*10-6 K-1
13 Absorption of 50% gamma with energy 662 keV on the thickness 1.23 cm
14 Refraction index at 520 nm 1.85 -
15 Light output temperature coefficients from 25°C to 50ºC -1 %/C°
16 Light output relative to CsI(Tl) for PMT with bialkaline photocathode 70% CsI(Ti) in case of the same size cylinder 25*25 mm -