Crystals of lantangallic silicate (langasite - LGS) were first obtained in Russia, in the early 80s, as a result of joint development of the Moscow State University and the Institute of Crystallography (ICAN). Initially, this crystal was supposed to be used for laser technology, but for a number of reasons it did not find proper application for this purpose. In IKAN, a study was made of its physical properties, which showed that langasite is a piezoelectric crystal with unique characteristics that allow it to be used in piezo-engineering.

The most common products in piezo equipment are elements of stabilization and selection of radio frequencies - resonators and filters. The main material in piezo-technology is quartz, which has highly stable temperature-frequency characteristics, which causes its wide application for the production of resonators. Quartz is also used for the manufacture of filters, but its range of application is limited due to the low value of the electromechanical coupling coefficient (Kams), approximately 7%. This restriction makes it possible to produce only narrow-band filters, with a relative bandwidth value to the central filter frequency of up to 0.3%